Beaches of Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island of the Mediterranean and has with 1897 kilometers of coasts and beaches the longest coastline of all the regions of Italy. The island is famous for the numerous beaches, ranging from bizar granite formations with crystal clear waters to white sandy beaches that recall tropical paradises. Here you will find the highlights of Sardinian beaches, but there is much more to discover along the coasts of this island.

The northwest, Alghero and Stintino

Stintino (source: Sardegna Digital Library)
Stintino (source: Sardegna Digital Library)

Alghero is located in the northwest of Sardinia and is one of the traditional seaside resorts with it's Lido. To the west lies the beach of Mariapia with the possibility of retreat under the pinetrees. Passed Fertilia lies one of the finest beaches, the beach of Le Bombarde. North of Capo Caccia the beaches lie in small bays like that of Torre del Porticciolo, here you will also find a camping nearby.
Stintino lies in the northwest with some magnificent beaches overlooking the island of Asinara and the tower of La Pelosa, the beach of La Pelosa is particularly beautiful. East of Porto Torres you will find the sandy beaches of Platamona and Sorso, the traditional seaside resorts of Sassari, the largest town in the north of Sardinia.

Granite and beaches around Santa Teresa di Gallura, Palau and La Maddalena

Going north the coastline becomes rougher with small bays with sandy beaches flanked by granite formations. Tipically near Santa Teresa di Gallura, Palau and on the islands of La Maddalena and Caprera you will find this type of beaches. South of Santa Teresa di Gallura lies the beach of Rena Maiore and to the east of the town the beach of La Marmorata. Further east in the direction of Palau you will find the beach of Porto Pollo and near Palau the beach della Sciumara. The islands you can reach by ferry from Palau, both islands have a variety of beaches. The most beautiful is probably the beach del Relitto where you can still discern the remains of a stranded wooden ship. Other famous beaches are Cala Portese and Spalmatore. Ofcourse there are many more to be discovered.

De oostkust van Olbia tot aan Villasimius

North of Olbia the beaches are mostly found in the numerous small bays (Cala), famous are places like Porto Rotondo and Cannigione. A nice beach is that of Cala di Volpe. Near Olbia lies the beach of Pittulongu with a view on the island of Tavolara. South of Olbia lies San Teodoro, here the bays are larger and the beaches are longer. Behind the beach of La Cinta lies the lagoon.

On the eastcoast many campings and hotels are located on the coast, near the beach in the pinewoods that provide shade. A popular camping is for example Cala Ginepro located just behind the beach. Going south Sardinia is more mountaineous, Cala Gonone lies in a bay that is completely surrounded by high mountains. There are a few beaches but more important from here the boats depart that take you to the most magnificent beaches that are not reachable by car: Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine and Cala Goloritze to name the most important. These beaches are among the most beautiful of Sardinia.
From Tortoli to Villasimius there are many beaches, easily accessible and there are many campings and hotels near the coast. A few beaches are named after the Spanish towers that once guarded the island from the raids by the arabs like Torre di Bari and Torre Salinas. Famous resorts can be found near Barisardo, Costa Rei and Muravera and the beach of Cala Sinzias is considered the most beautiful of southwest Sardinia.

Southern Sardinia

Around the Bay of Cagliari there are many beautiful and famous beaches. From Villasimius with the beach of Cala Giunco down to Cagliari the beaches are found in small bays, these are small but in the high season many tourists will find their way there. The beach of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is called the Poetto, in front of the lagoons of Molentargius and the saltworks of Quartu Sant'Elena.
South of Cagliari, beyond the port and industrial zone of Sarroch lie the beaches from Pula down to Capo Spartivento, with a top beach near the Spanish tower of Chia. Beyond Capo Spartivento the area is not densely inhabited, there are few but very nice beaches like sa Tuerredda, Piscinnì and Porto Pino. The beach of Piscinnì at times is also frequented by cows. On the islands of Sant'Antioco and San Pietro there are small beaches in bays like Coequaddus, Cala Sapone and the beach of La Caletta.

The westcoast of Sardinia

On the westcoast between Gonnesa and the Bay of Oristano you will find a few very special beaches. Famous are the beaches of Cala Domestica, Scivu and Piscinas. Piscinas has one of the largest areas of sand dunes and sand drifts of western Europe that recall the Sahara. Further north under Capo Frasca there is another beach with high sand dunes, Pistis. These beaches are harder to reach but the natural setting is breathtaking.

Along the Bay of Oristano there are sandy beaches with pinetrees, the most mundain of beaches is that of Torre Grande, the lido of Oristano. On the westcoast of the peninsula of Sinis there are marvellous beaches but with little shade. From Capo San Marco to Putzu Idu there is for example the white beach of Mari Ermi and the beach with grains of quartz of Is Arutas, these beaches remind of the tropical beaches of the Pacific islands or the Carribean.

North of the peninsula of Sinis the coast changes completely. First there are the white chalky rocks of Santa Caterina di Pittinuri with the natural arch of s'Archittu, then the beaches are more rare with the exception of Porto Alabe and Bosa at the mouth of the river Temo, with the sandy beach of Bosa Marina and the pretty small beaches of s'Abba Druche and Cumpoltitu. From Bosa to Alghero the coast is very scenic but inaccessible with few beaches.

Beachmap of Sardinia (The map is being updated regularly)

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