Bibliography on the map of Nuraghi: websites

On this page you will find references to websites used in the research on nuraghi. These websites are mainly institutional websites of municipalities, the archaeological services and a few websites on specific area's in Sardinia. It may happen that in due time websites disappear or links are broken and with that traceability of the source will no longer be possible.


Direzione Generale per le Antichità:, on the website information is published on the latest archaeological excavations since 2010.
MIBACT Segretariato regionale del Ministero dei Beni delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo per la Sardegna Beni dichiarati di interesse culturale dal 2001, Relazione e Planimetria dei beni archeologici
Nuraghe Diana:, On this website all nuraghi of the territory of Quartu Sant'Elena are described.
Archeologia Lode: Testimonianze archeologiche nel territorio di Lodé (NU) curato da dott. Paolo Melis
Carta Archeologica Buddusò: Google Earth gallery
Tratalias: Municipality of Tratalias with descriptions of several nuraghi
Villa Sant'Antonio: Municipality of Villa Sant'Antonio with descriptions of the nuraghi in the territory

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