The Regatta of Is Fassois

Is Fassois, or fassonis, are little boats made out of reed that have been used for centuries by the local fishermen in the lagoons of western Sardinia. Nowadays the reed boats have been replaced by more modern iron and wooden boats, called is cius. The tradition of the Fassois and the knowledge of making the boats would have disappeared, if not it was decided in 1978 to hold an annual regatta at Santa Giusta to keep the tradition of the reed boats alive. It is now almost forty years one of the most important summer events that attracts many tourists.

The regatta's

Young and old participate in the regatta's that are organised in the lagoon of Santa Giusta. The first regatta is with very young participants that use the Fassois as a rowing boat with oars. The second contest for the youngsters is with is cius. Finally the last two regatta's are held with the men, one with oars and one with the long pole, the cantoi. The difficulty is to keep the very light Fassois on its course and to make speed with a continuous movement.

The festivities

Event: The Regatta of Is Fassois

Where? Santa Giusta
When? On a sunday in august
Info: Sardegna Turismo

The regatta's are held on the sunday, but around it, on saturday and sunday, there are many activities like exhibitions, music and dance, archaeological excursions and a fair with lot's of fried fish. Santa Giusta is a fishermens village but has a rich history with roots in the punic-roman period as Othoca and there is the famous church of Santa Giusta and a roman bridge. The regatta's attract the most public on sunday.

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