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The Sardegna app contains a selection of sites, museums and events in Sardinia (Italy) intended for the traveler who wants to find out interesting places to visit near his location. The listed is sorted on nearest sites and events and for every entry there is a detailed description and additional information (if known) on prices, opening hours and official websites.

The app is solely intended for the promotion sites, museums and events in Sardinia and is completely free.



The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (tm)

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With the download of the app you accept that the installation is at your own risk, the author does not accept liability or responsibility for damage, even though the utmost care has been taken when developing the software.


The app starts with a list of sites and events. The first time you are asked to update the list in order to retrieve the latest information from the website. Whenever there is new information available you will be asked if you want to update it. The update can be postponed.

List of sites and events: The homepage contains a list of sites, museums and events that are nearest to your current location. Tap on the entry to show the detailed information.
Detail page: The details page contains a short description and if known information with opening hours, contact information, a link to the official website and prices.
Help/About: This page contains an explanation of the various screens of the app.
Contact page: For help, questions, suggestions you can find here the contact information.
Menu: A simple menu to open the above pages.

Conditions for use

The Sardinia app
The Sardinia app

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With the author is intended the developer of the app and the author of the content.

This mobile app can be freely used. Ownership of the content and copyright rests with the author unless explicitly stated differently. It is not allowed to use images or texts on other sites through printed copies or any other electronic means without the prior written permission of the author. The author gives permission to use the open source software used on this site that can be obtained freely on the internet and to adapt this for use under the conditions of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and if the reference to the orignal authors remain intact, including changes made by the author of this site. It is allowed to use texts and images with reference (link or name) to the source (this website) for educational purposes as described in the international copyright. The author in that case cannot be held liable for the incorrect use of this information or for broken links as a result of changes on Personal data obtained by using this app is not sold to third parties but used solely for the purpose of a correct functioning of this app.

This app uses geolocation
This app uses local storage for a database
This app contains links to external websites.

For support contact the webmaster of or send an email.


This app is developed with the use of open software. All sites, museums and events have been personally visited by the author.

Last updated 12/05/2020

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