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You can now download the free Nuraghe app of Tharros info from Google Play (tm). With this mobile app you can track and find the Nuraghi in Sardinia. If you are not familiar with these archaeological sites of the Sardinian Bronze Age you can read all about it on this website, including a complete list of Nuraghi and a Nuraghe map. The Nuraghe app is the portable version for mobile devices of this map. This app is free and developed for Android.



The app is developed to work as a kind of site navigator for the over 5000 nuraghi that have been documented so far on the Nuraghe map of It makes use of a local database to store the core information of the sites. The local database has to be updated the first time you use the app to update all the entries. Using the Search page you can search the nuraghi by name or by place. On the Details page the core information is shown, and when online additional information and an image are available. From the Details page you can visualize the position on the Nuraghe Map when online.

When online you can also navigate directly to the Nuraghe Map which will show your position but only when you are in Sardinia it will also show the locations of the nuraghi near to you. From the Nuraghe map you can open the Details page for a nuraghe.

Note that Google Maps caches the maps on your local device and this will allow you to view these maps also offline but it will consume memory space. If the app takes too much memory storage just clear the data and reload the database.

A Help/About page is available in the app.

Device compatibility

The app is written for Android and tested with version 4.4 and 5.01 and signed according to the Android specifications.


Featured Nuraghe app
Featured Nuraghe app

Version 1.0.0 october 2019

There are some changes in user interface. Comments and suggestions are welcome, you can use the Guestbook or reach out to @tharrosinfo on Facebook and Twitter to provide your feedback.


By downloading the app you are aware that installation of the app is at your own risk, the author will not take responsibility or liability for any damage caused by installing this app on your device not withstanding the utmost care that has been taken in the development of the software.

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Privacy statement

The personal data like IP address, collected though the use of this mobile app is not sold and used solely for the purpose of the correct working and improvement of this mobile app.

This mobile app uses geolocation.
This mobile app uses local storage for the core database.
This mobile app uses external links to Google Maps (tm) and the website of (

For support please use the contact form on or send an email to the webmaster.


Menu page: From the main page you can navigate to the Search page and the Map page. The Map page will show your exact location and the nuraghi around you when you are in Sardinia. You can update the list of nuraghi when the entry Update Nuraghi List is available.
Update Nuraghi List: The app starts with a list of 10 nuraghi. In order to download the complete list or to update the list use the Update Nuraghi List function.
Title bar: You can always navigate to the Home Page or Search Page by using the buttons in the top title bar.
Search page: You can search on nuraghe name or place name. Tap on the entry to open the Details screen.
Details page: In Online mode additional details and an image are shown. Tap on the location coordinates to open the map at that location.
Map page: The map will show all the nuraghi within the window, on changing the map a new set of nuraghi is loaded. By tapping on the icon the Details screen will open.
Offline mode: Offline you have a complete list of nuraghi with basic details. By deleting app data the database is cleared.
Online mode: Online you can use the Google Maps (tm) and you will receive more detailed information of each nuraghe. Details and maps are cached in memory until you navigate to a new page.


This app was developed by Timbert Kriek using open software.
The data available in the database on the nuraghi is obtained through study of the scrupulous work of archaeologists, maps of the Istituto Geografico Militare Italiana, Wikimapia, the Piano Urbanistico Comunale of a large number of municipalities and the Piano Paesaggistico Regionale of the Regione Sardegna.

Last updated 08/06/2020

Nuraghe App

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