widget v3.0 offers the possibility to show pictures of Sardinia on your own website using a widget. This web widget (also called gadget) is a slideshow with twenty different pictures selected from this site on Sardinian culture, nature and archaeological sites. You can simply add the widget to your website with the shown code. More on what a widget is see Web Widget on Wikipedia

The code:

Select and copy the code, then paste it in your html page in the body section.

Parameters for the widget

By changing the style="width:300px" you can adapt the size of the widget to your needs. The widget works best with modern browsers, for Internet Explorer 8 and older the size of the widget has an automatical maximum width of 360px.

Technical information of the widget

The widget is written in jQuery javascript and PHP with the use of CSS3. The pictures of the small widget are between 11 and 20kb each, optimized for the web. The widget does not contain links or scripts of a commercial nature, it is exactly shown as the sample on this page. The widget is hosted on the same webserver as this site. Should the site and the widget be unavailable for technical reasons the creator of the widget or the owner of cannot be held responsible. The code has been tested, but should there be any problems with it please contact the webmaster with your feedback.

Terms of use

The following terms of use apply for the widget:
1. Copyright of the pictures is owned by the maker of the pictures (see: Copyright and Responsibility ). Unauthorised copying, printing or broadcasting of texts and pictures is strictly prohibited.
2. The creator of the widget is not liable for any damage or loss that the use of the widget may cause. The code is placed at your own risk and should be tested by you..
3. Content and version of the widget can be changed by the author without prior notification. Visit this page regularly to check updates.
4. The widget does not contain and will not contain any commercial messages or links or scripts that will benefit the author in any way. the widget is intended as a non-commercial gadget.

Further information

Any further information can be obtained through the webmaster of Feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Last updated 05/01/2014

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