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On this page you will find links to downloads of gadgets from or from sites with interesting downloads about Sardinia. Some of these downloads are for smartphones and tablets that may come in handy when visiting the island, other downloads are for desktop or laptop. Where downloads are only available in the Italian language it is specified, otherwise the download is in English.

Nuraghe app for Android


For mobile devices running Android I have created the Nuraghe app. With this app you can trace all the nuraghi on Sardinia and when you are on the island you can see exactly which nuraghi can be found nearby. This is a first beta version, downloadable from the Phonegap site. You will have to enable for installations outside Google Play. In the near future the app will be available from Google Play. See here for further information on how to download, install and use the app. widget for your website offers the possibility to show pictures of Sardinia through a small widget on your website. This widget (or gadget) is a small slideshow with highlights of Sardinia. See here how to implement the widget with just two lines of code.

Sardinia 3D (for desktop and laptop, Italian)

On the website of the Regione Sardegna (SardegnaTerritorio) you can find the application Sardegna 3D. Similar to Google Earth (but then specific for Sardinia) the satellite images and photographs made by TerraItaly make it possible to pay a virtual visit to Sardinia with 3D navigation.

You can download and install the program. Charts and information are directly available from the server of the Regione Sardegna.

All interesting landmarks (beaches, towns, archaeological sites) are indicated. Just like Google Earth you can define your own placemarks.

Download here the installation file (Italian):
Website of the Regione Sardegna Territorio wallpaper

Maybe a bit oldfashioned now but a nice picture of Tharros is available as wallpaper for your desktop. See here for the download.

Table of archaeological periods of Sardinia

For students and passionates of archaeology I have created this table of archaeological periods of Sardinia in PDF. You can donwload it here.

Nuraghe database for POI-loader of Garmin

At the request of visitors of the site I have created this download for POI (Point of Interests) loader of Garmin GPS. If anyone is interested I can update this file again or you can revert to the Nuraghe app directly.

Last updated 15/04/2015

Nuraghe App

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