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There are different kinds of accommodations to choose from when staying in Sardinia. Which type is most suitable depends also on the availability of the means of transportation at hand, either a (rented) car or public transport. As Sardinia is about 24000 square kilometers it is impossible to see the whole island in two or three weeks. It is advisable to pick one or two areas and look for a central accommodation or to plan a trip with a number of stops. The average travelling speed is low which makes distances longer than what they seem to be on a map. The choice of an accommodation depends ofcourse on the own preferences: camping, bed and breakfast, a small appartment or a villa. Even if you have family and friends where you can stay or you know somebody with an accomodation you may want to see also other parts of Sardinia. Here you can find some information on the different types of accommodations that Sardinia (and ofcourse Italy in general) can offer and some resources to help you to look for a suitable accommodation.

It is advisable to do first of all some research on the internet. Many people share their experiences via forums or sites like Tripadvisor. You will have to pay attention whether the forum or site is of a commercial nature and whether the offered solutions are advertised or will be genuine experiences of participants in the fora. Some may post very positive messages on purpose to attract customers to their sites. It is also good to know which consumer rights are protected and what guarantee is offered by the owner or agency or inbetween that offers an accommodation. In case of a dispute it may become a problem to have to communicate in Italian if that is the only language spoken and you don't master it.

Camping and campsites

Click on the map to see a list of campings by province

The official campings are the sites indicated for camping with a tent or caravan and there are official camper sites. It is not really allowed to put up your tent or park your camper for the night outside these areas and it is also not advisable to do so. Outside the towns and villages Sardinia is scarcely inhabited and there is almost no illumination. Most campings can be found on the coast and particularly on the north side and in the south-east of Sardinia. There are fairly good campingguides available, reknowned is that of the German ADAC, although it does not always give a guarantee on the quality of service. Many campings offer little shadow and that is exactly one of the first criteria to base your choice on. Temperatures may rise over 40 degrees Celsius in the summer. Another must is the vicinity to the beach or a swimmingpool if that is your preference. It may pay off to look up the site on Google maps to see how much shadow a camping offers and how near it is to the sea or a swimmingpool.

Most of the campings not only offer a place for tents and caravans but also rent bungalows or small appartments. This can be quite expensive in the high season. Usually you will find a bar where you can get daily bread and sometimes there is also a restaurant. The larger campings will offer also plenty of activity for children or even a disco. Campings are almost fully booked in the summermonths, especially in the weekends if the camping is near the coast. The 15th of august is a traditional holiday where families will pay a visit to the beaches and have lunch in the shadow.

Some tips:

Camping Nurapolis - Peninsula of Sinis in the province of Oristano on the north side of the peninsula with plenty of shade.
Camping Cala D'Ostia - Pula - Cagliari on the southwest coast of Sardinia
Camping Bella Sardinia - Cuglieri - Oristano has the most reccommendiations by visitors of
More campings here and there are possibilities to camp near farmsteads, see the section on agritourism.

Bed & Breakfast (B&B) and agritourism

Bed & Breakfast is a relative cheap accommodation with the advantage of a real bed. This type of accommodation can vary from a full fling agritourism (accommodations in a real farmhouse) to a single room and bath with a family. Usually it concerns simple arrangements in a family run accommodation with a room and breakfast and for most it is a seasonal income. There are official associations for agritourisms and B&B but still it is difficult to discern good from poor quality. Reputation is therefore of the utmost importance for this sector and the internet becomes even more important as a source of information for experiences with and the quality of accommodations of this type. A help in this are the intermediates, agencies that offer a range of accommodations and take care of reservations and payments. They provide their customers more assurance on the quality of the accommodation and on the other hand provide the owner of the accommodation more assurance on the type of customers they will deal with. The intermediates can even extend a kind of warranty on the quality of the service. There are however also here large differences between the private agency and the agency that is member of a national travel association. Here too internet can help to assess the trustworthiness of this agency.

In a proper agritourism you can expect not only a breakfast but also the possibility of dining with original products of the land produced by the farm, ranging from olive oil and wine to local and traditional specialities. The menu might have less to choose from but the quality will be the better for it. If an agritourism also has the logo of Slow Food this is a certain guarantee for a traditional kitchen. Some agritourisms offer camping pitches for tents and campers.


For accommodations in Sardinia see the B&B page for some suggestions.

Holiday rentals, appartments and villas

The choice of holiday rentals in Sardinia is very broad, although many owners will be using their accommodations themselves part of the summer. The advantage of renting a holiday home is the independence, the disadvantage is the price and sometimes the location can be disappointing. Apart from the bungalows on campings there are many privates renting their appartment or villa. Almost every owner rents their accommodations through the internet, by means of a private site or via reknowned sites or intermediates. It may be difficult to choose the right accommodation based on pictures and texts that might give a different impression from reality. There are also travel agencies that offer holiday rentals, but usually they act only as an intermediate and decline any responsibility for the rental agreement or the state of the accommodation itself. It is therefore recommended to do a thorough research, but it is even better to trust the experiences of some friend or relative.

Hotels and resorts, luxury vacations

It is ofcourse possible to stay in one of the hotels or to rent an appartement in a resort. In both cases you will have full service included in the price, but prices will be much higher ofcourse. Sardinia is known for it's luxury resorts like Forte Village near Pula and the many hotels along the coasts in the north, the southeast and near Alghero.

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