Privacy, Liability and Copyright

A privacy statement is intended to inform the visitor of the website about the use of personal data. Furthermore according to regulations of the European Union the visitor has toi be informed about the use of cookies on the website. The liability and copyright statement are used to inform the visitor on the liability of the information on the website and the protection of copyright of the texts and images.

Explanation of terminology and words

A cookie is a small text file placed by websites on your computer, tablet or smartphone to keep track of the visitor. There is a distinction between analytical, functional and tracking cookies. Another distnction that is made is between cookies from the website itself and cookies from third parties.
With this website is intended with the registered domain name
With author is intended the legal entity or person who created and owns the text and images of this website and the domain name

Privacy statement

Personal data of the visitor

This website does not sell personal data and uses this data solely for the purpose of this website. With the exception of statistical information on visitors and visits, and the comments in the guestbook, personal information is not published. Email addresses are not displayed in any way for public viewing.

Cookies on the website

This website makes limited use of cookies to track preferences. However third party software used on the site may make use of tracking cookies. These third parties have their own privacy statement which they publish on their own websites. Although the author has been careful about the cooperation with third parties he does not accept any liability should third parties infringe the privacy regulations.

The following third parties make use of cookies:

  • Google AdSense
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

You can disable the use of cookies or remove tracking cookies through the options in your browser, on the privacy tab


External Links

This website has a limited number of external elements of non-commercial nature that are loaded when viewing the pages.

This website has a limited number of commercial links the author engaged as a partner and will benefit the author earnings when acquisitions are done through links on the website. This concerns:

  • Google Ads

This website has a limited number of external links to sponsor and support these external links or as a source for information on this site (see also the liability clause). The author can add and remove these links without prior notification.

Liability clause

The author of this site cannot be held liable for the use of the given information, nor be held liable for damage of whatever nature, direct or indirect, caused by the use of information provided on this website. The author is not liable for the content of any external pages this website has links to, or for the content of external pages that link to this website referring to it as a source.

Copyright statement

Ownership of content and copyright of this website are with the author of this site.

It is allowed for individuals to keep an offline version of this website on their own workstation to use as a source for information.

It is not allowed to use images or texts on other sites through printed copies or any other electronic means without the prior written permission of the author.

The author gives permission to use the open source software used on this site that can be obtained freely on the internet and to adapt this for use under the conditions of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE and if the reference to the orignal authors remain intact, including changes made by the author of this site.

It is allowed to use texts and images with reference (link or name) to the source (this website) for educational purposes as described in the international copyright. The author in that case cannot be held liable for the incorrect use of this information or for broken links as a result of changes on this website.

Last updated 08/04/2020

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