RSS and XML on this site

What is RSS and what is XML?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a method to obtain news from a site without having to visit the site every time. RSS is used a lot to pass news and information or titles of articles. On this site RSS is used to give updates on this site so you don't need to come back every time to see what is new. The technology used is based on XML (Extenisble Markup Language) files.

How can I start using RSS for this site?

You need an RSS reader (or a built in RSS reader in your browser). A good reader for example can be found on When you install this you can define the feeds you want. For this site I defined the following link:

Copy this link to your feedreader. When you are online you will be automatically updated on news or changes of this site.

What does RSS for this site provide?

I keep regularly track of the changes I make on this site. I do that using database technology. With that I generate the siteblog and the xml files. The siteblog tells you what has been updated recently when you revisit my site.

How can I use RSS for my own site?

For the dutch language on you can find a step by step course on how to create RSS feeds. You can also find other information for your website. For the English language you can search GOOGLE for tutorials on RSS.


Last updated 05/08/2010

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