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Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Cagliari (CA)

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Cagliari can be considered the most important archaeological museum of Sardinia. There is a vast collection of prehistoric and historic artefacts, in particular the many and diverse nuragic bronze statuettes. One of the highlights is a number of the lifesize statues in stone of nuragic warriors from the site of Mont'e Prama. Next to that there is a fine collection of phoenician and punic jewellery and pottery. The museum provides a good insight in all the periods of Sardinian prehistory up to the Middle Ages.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

The archaeological museum in the Sardinian capital Cagliari is the most important museum for archaeology on the island. Nowadays the museum is located in the Arsenal of Cagliari, the Cittadella dei musei, not very far from the old building (in the picture above). When visiting Cagliari it is worthwhile to stop by the museum. The car can be parked near the train station and the bus (line 8) will take you up to the citadel and the amphitheatre.
The exposition is divided over four floors in the museum. The first floor is set up chronologically, while on the other floors archaeological artifacts and the archaeological sites from all around the island are shown and a separate area with temporary exhibitions is set up.

The collection contains many important objects; the famous Sardinian bronzes from the age of the Nuraghi up to the stele of Nora where the first mention of the name of Sardinia in a phoenician inscription has been found. There are a lot of ceramics, especially rich in the phoenician and punic period, including the attic (Greek) ceramic and Etruscan bucchero (black painted ceramic) that was imported in those times and has been found on many sites inland. On the photograph bronze axes that were part of a hoard buried in the bronze age (source: Museo Archeologico Nazionale Cagliari).

One of the most impressive objects is the punic mask with the grinning face, found in a grave at San Sperate (see photo. source: Museo Archeologico Nazionale Cagliari). The intention of this kind of masks was to scare of evil spirits from the dead. Similar masks have been found elsewhere as for example in Motya where it is shown in the museum Whittaker (Siciliy).


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There is a shop in the museum with more literature. Regularly interesting exhibitions are organized in the museum.

Address: Cittadella dei Musei, piazza Arsenale, 1 Cagliari

tel. +39 070 684000

Opening times: 9:00-20:00 Closed on monday's

Prices: Euro 7,00 ; Euro 3,50 (18 to 25 years), free for children under 18

Public transportation with line 8 from the town center to the citadel

Website: Museo Archeologico Cagliari

The information has been updated for 2019 but prices and opening hours may vary.

Last updated 06/07/2016

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