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In the middle of the town of Sardara lies the archaeological site of Sant'Anastasia, named after the small church that is part of the site. There is a Bronze Age water sanctuary, a waterwell with a tholos cupola and staircase. Part of the site are also several huts, one a hut of the assemblies, other huts are present under the modern houses around the site. There is also a small archaeological museum at Sardara with a permanent exhibition of the objects found here.


The site of the water sanctuary of Sant'Anastasia lies in the middle of the town of Sardara, right in front of the small church dedicated to the saint Anastasia. The site consists of a Bronze Age sanctuary, the waterwell, and part of a surrounding nuragic village, including a so-called hut of the assemblies. Due to the fact that the site lies in the middle of the town it has been difficult to excavate it. In fact part of the small church had to be demolished and rebuilt to be able to excavate the well completely.

The well is similar to that of Santa Cristina, the main difference being the rough blocks used, which indicates that the structure is older. The water in the well arrives through the rocky underground. It is nowadays kept continuously dry with a waterpump for the visitors to be able to descend to the bottom and admire the simplicity of it's architecture. It is to be said that the complete superstructure is missing and this may well have been a kind of temple structure similar to others found in Sardinia.

The small church dedicated to Sant'Anastasia is part of the site. It is a very simple church. Inside the church a second waterwell can be found, which may be of a later date. In Sardara you will also find a small museum with archaeological finds.


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Address: Sardara

tel. +39 070 9386183

Opening hours: summer 9:00-13:00 and 17:00-20:00 (closed on mondays); winter 9:00-13:00 and 16:00-19:00

Prices: Euro 5,00 (site and museum) ; Euro 3,00 (groups or only site)

Website: Coop Villa Abbas

Museum of Sardara Civico Museo Archeologico "Villa Abbas".

The information has been updated for 2019 but prices and opening hours may vary.

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