Sardinia service information

Sardinia service information

Hotel Moderno

Moderno ***


Sant'Antioco (CI)

Hotel Ristorante Moderno is located in the centre of Sant'Antioco, just 200 metres from the seafront. It offers free Wi-Fi and air-conditioned rooms with minibar, TV and private bathroom. The restaurant is considered among the best ten of Sardinia by l'Espresso in 2010

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Monte Sirai

Monte Sirai - Carbonia (CI)

Monte Sirai is a punic-roman settlement on the top of the mount Sirai near Carbonia. The site is strategically situated in the middle of the mining districts of the Sulcis and the Iglesiente. The archaeological site consists of the remains of the town and acropolis, a punic and a phoenician necropolis and a tophet. ...

Necropolis of Montessu

Necropolis of Montessu - Villaperuccio (CI)

The necropolis of Montessu lies on a hill north of Villaperuccio. The tombs are of the type Domus de Janas, prehistoric chambers cut in the rock. All main types of grave chambers can be found there, in use since 3000 BC up to the bronze age, which makes this necropolis unique in its kind. ...

Necropolis of Is Loccis Santus

Necropolis of Is Loccis Santus - San Giovanni Suergiu (CI)

The necropolis of Is Loccis Santus lies just outside San Giovanni Suergiu and consists of a number of Domus de Janas. At the time we visited the necropolis there had not been any maintenance..

Museo Arch Com Ferruccio Barreca

Museo Arch Com Ferruccio Barreca - Sant'Antioco (CI)

The archaeological museum of Sant'Antioco has a vast collection of artefacts that have been found during the many excavations at the ancient phoenician-punic-roman site of Sulki, presentday Sant'Antioco, and the island. The phoenician and punic collection is of a rare beauty, including fine earthenware and jewellery. Part of the museum is also the Phoenician-punic open air sanctuary, the tophet..


Sant'Antioco - Sant'Antioco (CI)

In antiquity Sant'Antioco was known under the name of Sulky, originally a phoenician tradepost founded in the eighth century BC near a Bronze Age complex nuraghe. In the town the remains are visible of the punic necropolis, later turned into early christian catacombs under the church of Sant'Antioco. There is an important archaeological museum next to the phoenician-punic open air sanctuary called tophet. ...

Procession of Saint Antiochus

Procession of Saint Antiochus - Sant'Antioco (CI)

Every year, fifteen days after Easter, the celebrations in honour of Saint Antiochus, the patron saint of Sant'Antioco, are held. The first time the festivities were organized in 1615 and they span several days. On monday evening there is a procession with men on horseback, carts drawn by oxen and many folkloristic groups showing their traditional clothes and at the end the statue of the saint..

Caves of Is Zuddas

Caves of Is Zuddas - Santadi (CI)

The caves of Is Zuddas near Santadi are naturally formed and of the solutional type. The first 500 metres can be visited, with three large halls and many spectacular formations of stalactites and stalagmites..

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Grande - Calasetta (CI)

The beach Grande.

8.9 km

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Le Saline - Calasetta (CI)

The beach delle Saline.

9.3 km

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su Portu 'e s'Arega - Teulada (CA)

The beach of su Portu 'e s'Arega.

28.1 km

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is Pruinis - Sant'Antioco (CI)

The beach of is Pruinis.

4 km

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su Forru 'a Macchina - Sant'Antioco (CI)

The beach of su Forru 'a Macchina.

5.2 km

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Portixeddu - Sant'Antioco (CI)

The beach of Portixeddu.

5.9 km

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Guardiariga - San Giovanni Suergiu (CI)

The beach of Guardiariga.

6.3 km

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Portixeddu Accuau - Sant'Antioco (CI)

The beach of Portixeddu Accuau.

6.4 km

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Cala di Seta - Calasetta (CI)

The beach of Cala di Seta.

6.6 km

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Maladroxia - Sant'Antioco (CI)

The beach of Maladroxia.

7.1 km

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Cala Lunga - Sant'Antioco (CI)

The beach of Cala Lunga.

8.4 km

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Cala Sapone

Cala Sapone - Sant'Antioco (CI)

The beach of Cala Sapone.

8.6 km

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Cala della Signora - Sant'Antioco (CI)

Rocky beach of Cala della Signora.

8.7 km

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Coequaddus - Sant'Antioco (CI)

The beach of Coequaddus.

9 km

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Corongiuali - San Giovanni Suergiu (CI)

The beach of Corongiuali.

9.1 km

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