Sardinia service information

Sardinia service information

Hotel Rosa dei Venti

Rosa dei Venti ***
Rosa dei Venti

Rosa dei Venti

Castelsardo (SS)

Rosa dei Venti is located in the little town of Lu Bagnu, 5 minutes

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Prehistorical altar of Monte d'Accoddi

Prehistorical altar of Monte d'Accoddi - Sassari (SS)

The prehistorical altar of Monte d'Accoddi was built in two phases at the time of the Culture of Ozieri (4000-3200 BC) and the culture of Filigosa and Abealzu (3200-2700 BC). It has the aspect of a piramid or ziqqurath with an access ramp. Around it there is a large village (not excavated). ...

Archaeological museum G.A. Sanna

Archaeological museum G.A. Sanna - Sassari (SS)

This archaeological museum is perhaps with that of Cagliari the most important in Sardinia. Here every important find in northern Sardinia has been gathered, from the earliest prehistory to the middle ages it shows the changes through time in pottery, metal and stone objects that have accompanied the Sardinians in their past..

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Lu Bagnu - Castelsardo (SS)

The beach of Lu Bagnu.

0.2 km

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Ampurias - Castelsardo (SS)

The beach of Ampurias, Lu Bagnu or Sacro Cuore.

0.7 km

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Le Celestine - Castelsardo (SS)

The beach of the Celestine.

0.8 km

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Castelsardo - Castelsardo (SS)

A small beach near the port of Castelsardo.

2.4 km

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La Vignaccia - Castelsardo (SS)

The beach of La Vignaccia under Castelsardo.

3.1 km

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Pedraladda - Castelsardo (SS)

The beach of Pedraladda.

3.4 km

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Cantareddi - Castelsardo (SS)

The beach of Cantareddi.

4 km

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Li Cantareddi - Castelsardo (SS)

A smal beach near Castelsardo.

4 km

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Cala Ostina - Castelsardo (SS)

The beach of Cala Ostina.

4.8 km

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La Tonnara - Sorso (SS)

The beach at La Tonnara.

6.7 km

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Prima Guardia - Valledoria (SS)

The beach of Prima Guardia.

8.8 km

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San Pietro - Valledoria (SS)

The beach of San Pietro.

9.8 km

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Poltu Biancu - Badesi (OT)

The beach of Poltu Biancu.

12.4 km

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Marina di Sorso - Sorso (SS)

The beach at Marina di Sorso.

13.6 km

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Pirotto Li Frati - Badesi (OT)

The beach of Pirotto Li Frati.

13.8 km

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