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Villa Piercy

Villa Piercy - Bolotana (NU)

Villa Piercy was built by Benjamin Piercy, an english railway constructor, at Badde Salighes. It is surrounded by a large garden in english style. Woodlands surround the villa and garden and here are some of the oldest Taxus trees (yew).


Bosa - Bosa (OR)

Bosa is a town on the river Temo, the only navigable river, for about 6 kilometers, of Sardinia. Here you can see the famous castle of the Malaspina. The origins of Bosa was in punic-roman times near the church of San Pietro, on the leftbank of the river Temo, but in the Middle Ages the population moved near the protective walls of the castle. ...

Necropolis of Filigosa

Necropolis of Filigosa - Macomer (NU)

The necropolis of Filigosa just outside Macomer has given it's name to the culture of Abealzu-Filigosa (2480-1855 BC). The necropolis consists of a number of Domus de Janas with a long shaft cut out of the rock of a hillside. On top of the hill stands the remains of a single tower nuraghe..

Santa Sabina

Santa Sabina - Silanus (NU)

The archaeological site of Santa Sabina (or Santa Sarbana) consists of a nuraghe with next to it a church, Tombe di Giganti and a nuragic well. The site is very picturesque..


Tinnura - Tinnura (OR)

Tinnura is a small town near Bosa, along the road to Cuglieri. The walls along the main street are covered with beautiful murales..


Tamuli - Macomer (NU)

The archaeological site of Tamuli is situated on the highland plateau near Macomer, an area with a high density of Bronze Age nuraghi. The site itself consists of a nuraghe, the remains of a settlement and three Tombe di Giganti, and six menhirs..

Boes and Merdules of Ottana

Boes and Merdules of Ottana - Ottana (NU)

One of the characteristic carnivals of central Sardinia is that of Ottana with the masks of the Boes (animals) and the Merdules (shepherds). It is one of the oldest traditional carnivals of Sardinia..

Duos Nuraghes

Duos Nuraghes - Borore (NU)

Dues Nuraghes or Duos Nuraghes is the site of two nuraghi with remains of a settlement on the north side of Borore. The site has been extensively excavated by the archaeologist G. Webster..

Nuraghe Iloi

Nuraghe Iloi - Sedilo (OR)

The archeological site of Nuraghe Iloi near Sedilo consists of a complex nuraghe, a nuragic village, a number of Tombe di Giganti, several Domus de Janas and a Dolmen. The entrance is free, but it is maintained only during the summer months..

Nuraghe Aiga

Nuraghe Aiga - Abbasanta (OR)

Nuraghe Aiga is a complex nuraghe with bastions and three or four additional towers. The nuraghe can be accessed through a doorway on the second floor as the first floor is still completely interred. The main chamber on the first floor has three niches. ...

Nuraghe Losa

Nuraghe Losa - Abbasanta (OR)

Nuraghe Losa is an impressive complex nuraghe on the highland plateau of Abbasanta. The structure consists of a central tower and bastions with three additional towers forming a rounded triangle. The nuraghe is situated in a strategic position along the ancient road from the Bay of Oristano to the highlands behind Macomer. ...

Nuraghe Lugherras

Nuraghe Lugherras - Paulilatino (OR)

The complex nuraghe Lugherras is located in the countryside near Paulilatino. It was one of the nuraghi transformed in a sanctuary for Kore and Demeter. Excavations have been performed in 2006 and 2007..


Cornus - Santa Caterina di Pittinuri (OR)

Cornus is the site of a punic-roman town founded in the sixth century BC and that was inhabited until the Middle Ages. Near the town an early christian church was built, called the Columbaris. Of this early christian church remains have been excavated and are visitable as an archaeological site. ...

Santa Cristina

Santa Cristina - Paulilatino (OR)

Near Paulilatino along the ss131 lies the archaeological site of Santa Cristina. The site consists of a nuragic sanctuary near a christian church dedicated to Santa Cristina and a nuraghe with settlement. Central to the nuragic sanctuary is the waterwell with a staircase that has been built with smooth walls and mathematical precision unseen elsewhere. ...

Nuraghe Cobulas

Nuraghe Cobulas - Milis (OR)

Nuraghe Cobulas is a complex nuraghe with a central main tower and secondary tower separated by a courtyard, around it bastions with five towers. Next to the nuraghe lies the archaeological area of an early medieval settlement, subject to excavations in 2014,2015 and 2016 under the guidance of the archaeologist Maisola. .

Nuraghe s'Uraki

Nuraghe s'Uraki - San Vero Milis (OR)

Nuraghe s'Uraki (or s'Urachi) is a complex nuraghe near San Vero Milis. Archaeological excavations have revealed important finds that established connections with the eastern Mediterranean and with nearby Tharros. Recent excavations have been done by the archaeologists Alfonso Tiglitz and Peter van Dommelen..

Nuraghe Santa Barbara

Nuraghe Santa Barbara - Villanova Truschedu (OR)

Nuraghe Santa Barbara is a complex nuraghe with a main tower, a secondary tower and a courtyard inbetween. Around the nuraghe the remains of a settlement can be seen. The nuraghe is situated in the valley of the Tirso near Villanova Truschedu..

Forum Traiani

Forum Traiani - Fordongianus (OR)

The archaeological site of Forum Traiani at Fordongianus is situated on the border of the river Tirso. Here a warm water source springs from the volcanic rock and this has been used by the romans to build their baths. Originally the name of the town was Acquae Hypsitanae until under emperor Trajan it was promoted to Forum. ...

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sa Marinedda - Tresnuraghes (OR)

The beach of sa Marinedda.

26.8 km

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Albatros - Tresnuraghes (OR)

The beach of Porto Alabe, called Albatros.

26.6 km

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is Arenas - Narbolia (OR)

The beach of Is Arenas, a very long beach with woods of pinetrees.

27.8 km

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Torregrande - Oristano (OR)

The beach of Torregrande.

37 km

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Santa Caterina di Pittinuri

Santa Caterina di Pittinuri - Cuglieri (OR)

The beach of Santa Caterina di Pittinuri.

25.3 km

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su Riu 'e sa Ide - Cuglieri (OR)

Limestone rocky bay with cristal clear water, a bit harder to reach and find, near Santa Caterina di Pittinuri.

25.3 km

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s'Archittu II

s'Archittu II - Cuglieri (OR)

The beach of s'Archittu and the natural arch carved by the sea in the limestone..

25.7 km

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s'Archittu I - Cuglieri (OR)

The beach of s'Archittu in front of the village.

25.7 km

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Torre del Pozzo II - Cuglieri (OR)

The beach of Torre del Pozzo to the north of the village.

25.9 km

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Torre del Pozzo I

Torre del Pozzo I - Cuglieri (OR)

The beach of Torre del Pozzo, south of the tower the beach stretches along the coast down to is Arenas..

26.2 km

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Porto Alabe - Tresnuraghes (OR)

The beach of Porto Alabe.

26.4 km

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Santa Maria - Magomadas (OR)

The beach of Santa Maria del Mare.

26.7 km

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Turas - Bosa (OR)

The beach of Turas.

26.8 km

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Bosa Marina

Bosa Marina - Bosa (OR)

The beach of Bosa Marina, a large beach just in front of Bosa Marina.

27.9 km

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Cala de Moro - Bosa (OR)

The beach of Cala de Moro, a small beach not easy to reach..

28.9 km

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