Sardinia service information

Sardinia service information

Hotel Domus de Janas sul Mare

Domus de Janas sul Mare ***
Domus de Janas sul Mare

Domus de Janas sul Mare

Barisardo (OG)

Domus De Janas Sul Mare sits right on the seafront, on one of Sardinia's most beautiful beaches.

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Nuraghe Adoni

Nuraghe Adoni - Villanova Tulo (CA)

Nuraghe Adoni, built at a height of 811 meters above sea level surrounded by woods, is a complex nuraghe with a main tower and four additional towers, around the nuraghe the remains of a village. From this point there is a wide view of the surrounding countryside..

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is Feminas - Barisardo (OG)

The beach of is Feminas at Torre di Bari.

0.3 km

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Marina di Bari - Barisardo (OG)

The beach of Marina di Bari at Torre di Bari.

0.6 km

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Foxi - Barisardo (OG)

The beach of Foxi.

1.5 km

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Tramalitza - Barisardo (OG)

The beach of Tramalitza.

2.8 km

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Baietta di Cea - Barisardo (OG)

The beach of Baietta di Cea.

3.3 km

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Cea - Tortoli (OG)

The beach of Cea.

4.1 km

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Marina di Cardedu - Cardedu (OG)

The beach of Marina di Cardedu.

4.6 km

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Il Golfetto - Tortoli (OG)

The beach of Il Golfetto.

5.4 km

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Museddu - Cardedu (OG)

The beach of Museddu.

5.7 km

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Musculedda - Tortoli (OG)

The beach of Musculedda.

6.6 km

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Perd'e Pera - Cardedu (OG)

The beach of Perd'e Pera.

6.8 km

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Lido di Orri - Tortoli (OG)

The beach of Lido di Orri.

7.6 km

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s'Orologiu - Tortoli (OG)

The beach of s'Orologiu.

8.4 km

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Lispedda - Cardedu (OG)

The beach of Lispedda.

8.6 km

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Basaura - Tortoli (OG)

The beach of Basaura.

9.7 km

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