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Mines of Montevecchio

Mines of Montevecchio - Montevecchio (VS)

Since prehistorical times mining has been one of the main industries in Sardinia. The Anglo-Sarda mine (Sant'Antonio) at Montevecchio has been transformed into a museum and the first level can be visited with an expert guide, one of the miners that worked there. It is the mine where my father in law has worked in his youth. ...


Piscinas - Arbus (VS)

Piscinas is the name of the natural environment of Sardinia, on the Costa Verde, with the largest dune formation of western Europe. The dunes reach 60 meters in height and extend several kilometers inland..

San Cosimo

San Cosimo - Gonnosfanadiga (VS)

The Tomba di Giganti of San Cosimo is part of a group of two graves built in granite. The area is not guarded but maintained by the municipality.

Temple of Antas

Temple of Antas - Fluminimaggiore (CI)

Not far from Fluminimaggiore, in the middle of a green valley in the mountains, lies the temple of Antas. Initially erected in the punic period it was restructured in roman times. The temple is located in the mining area and would have been dedicated to Sardus Pater, according to mythology assimilated with Hercules. ...

The Cave of San Giovanni

The Cave of San Giovanni - Domusnovas (CI)

The natural cave of San Giovanni near Domusnovas is one of three natural galleries in Europe with a road (now closed for traffic). The cave is 850 metres long from the southern entrance to the northern entrance..

Nuraghe Seruci

Nuraghe Seruci - Gonnesa (CI)

Nuraghe Seruci and its settlement is the largest archaeological site of the Bronze Age of southwestern Sardinia. The complex nuraghe consists of a main tower and bastions with four towers surrounded by a wall with additional towers, all built in andesite. The remains of a large settlement including complex huts of the Late Bronze Age are part of the site..

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Portixeddu - Buggerru (CI)

The beach of Portixeddu.

0.9 km

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San Nicolo - Buggerru (CI)

The beach of San Nicolo.

1.8 km

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Canal 'e Trinca - Gonnesa (CI)

The beach of Canal 'e Trinca.

21.1 km

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sa Perdischedda Manna - Fluminimaggiore (CI)

The beach of sa Perdischedda Manna.

1.5 km

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Guardia de is Turcus - Arbus (VS)

The beach of Guardia de is Turcus.

3 km

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Masoni Brandi - Arbus (VS)

The beach of Masoni Brandi.

3.1 km

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Corrulongu - Arbus (VS)

The beach of Corrulongu.

3.8 km

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Portu Tramatzu - Arbus (VS)

The beach of Portu Tramatzu.

4 km

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Buggerru - Buggerru (CI)

The beach of Buggerru.

4.6 km

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Pischeredda - Arbus (VS)

The beach of Pischeredda.

5.5 km

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Scivu - Arbus (VS)

The beach of Scivu.

6.1 km

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Punta Acqua Durci - Arbus (VS)

The beach of Punta Acqua Durci.

7.3 km

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sa Caletta - Buggerru (CI)

The beach of sa Caletta at Cala Domestica.

8.1 km

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Cala Domestica

Cala Domestica - Buggerru (CI)

The beach of Cala Domestica.

8.3 km

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Piscinas II - Arbus (VS)

The second beach of Piscinas.

9.3 km

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