Sardinia service information

Sardinia service information

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Cagliari (CA)

A modern and stylish establishment in the centre of Cagliari, T Hotel features outstanding conference facilities, a luxury wellness centre, and an elegant restaurant. Very good reviews, excellent for a visit to Cagliari.

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Nuraghe Scalas and menhirs

Nuraghe Scalas and menhirs - Muravera (CA)

Nuraghe Scalas is a single tower nuraghe near the Costa Rei. Opposite the nuraghe there is a field with menhirs probably from the end of the Neolithic period that would have been used as an astronomical calendar..

Castle of Acquafredda

Castle of Acquafredda - Siliqua (CA)

The castle of Acquafredda was built in the Middle Ages as a stronghold to control the valley of the Cixerri and the town of Villa di Chiesa, now Iglesias. It once belonged to Ugolino Della Gherardesca count of Donoratico, the pisan count also mentioned in the works of Dante Alighieri..

Necropolis of Tuvixeddu

Necropolis of Tuvixeddu - Cagliari (CA)

The punic necropolis of Cagliari, one of the largest in the Mediterranean, is located on the hill of Tuvixeddu. The necropolis has disappeared largely due to quarrying of the stone in previous centuries, the part that is left is now visitable as a park..

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Museo Archeologico Nazionale - Cagliari (CA)

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Cagliari can be considered the most important archaeological museum of Sardinia. There is a vast collection of prehistoric and historic artefacts, in particular the many and diverse nuragic bronze statuettes. One of the highlights is a number of the lifesize statues in stone of nuragic warriors from the site of Mont'e Prama. ...

Villa di Tigellio

Villa di Tigellio - Cagliari (CA)

The Villa di Tigellio is an excavated area of roman Cagliari with domus and parts of a thermal complex. It was called Villa di Tigellio after the famous roman poet Tigellio..


Cagliari - Cagliari (CA)

Cagliari lies in the south of Sardinia and is the capital of the autonomous region Sardegna. There is an important university, the largest airport of Sardinia and the largest port. In antiquity the town was called Karales and even now there are still remains of the punic and roman period, like the punic graves on the hill of Tuvixeddu and the roman amphitheatre. ...

Mutseu S. Eulalia

Mutseu S. Eulalia - Cagliari (CA)

Remains of roman and early medieval Cagliari have been excavated under the church of Sant'Eulalia. After the excavation a new floor has been placed in the church and underneath the remains have been transformed into a visitable excavation area..

Archaeological museum Villasimius

Archaeological museum Villasimius - Villasimius (CA)

The small but quite modern archaeological museum of Villasimius is situated in the centre of the town in a historical building. The museum has a collection of maritime archaeological finds from the seas around Villasimius and from prehistorical and historical sites like the punic settlement of Cuccureddus.

Necropolis of Montessu

Necropolis of Montessu - Villaperuccio (CI)

The necropolis of Montessu lies on a hill north of Villaperuccio. The tombs are of the type Domus de Janas, prehistoric chambers cut in the rock. All main types of grave chambers can be found there, in use since 3000 BC up to the bronze age, which makes this necropolis unique in its kind. ...

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is Mortorius - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

The beach of is Mortorius.

17.8 km

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Poetto - Cagliari (CA)

The beach of Poetto, the Lido of the town of Cagliari.

4.5 km

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Spiaggiola - Cagliari (CA)

The Spiaggiola, little beach.

5.1 km

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Cala Mosca - Cagliari (CA)

The beach of Cala Mosca.

5.3 km

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Lo Stabulario - Cagliari (CA)

The beach of Lo Stabulario.

6 km

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Poetto - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

The beach of Poetto on the north side.

6.9 km

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Margine Rosso - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

the beach of Margine Rosso.

8.6 km

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Il Porticciolo - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

The beach of Il Porticciolo.

9.8 km

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Foxi - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

The beach of Foxi.

10.3 km

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La Maddalena - Capoterra (CA)

The beach of La Maddalena.

12.4 km

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Sant'Andrea II - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

The second beach of Sant'Andrea.

12.4 km

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Sant'Andrea - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

The beach of Sant'Andrea.

13.6 km

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Frutti d'Oro - Capoterra (CA)

The beach of Frutti d'Oro.

13.6 km

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Marina Residence - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

The beach of Marina Residence.

14.8 km

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Santa Luria - Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

The beach of Santa Luria.

15.1 km

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