Sardinia service information

Sardinia service information

Hotel Valkarana

Valkarana ****


Sant'Antonio di Gallura (OT)

The Valkarana enjoys a panoramic location on the shores of Lake Liscia, 45 minutes' drive from Porto Cervo. Decorated with hand-crafted granite stones, it looks like a typical Gallura farmhouse. Surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation and wild olive groves, the hotel has its own lush gardens. It features an outdoor swimming pool for adults and children, and private lake access. Hotel Restaurant Valkarana offers a range of Sardinian specialities, including local meats and excellent wines. Meals are served on panoramic dining rooms and terraces overlooking the lake. Rooms are spacious and simple, all having independent access and great views. They are decorated with traditional materials such as wood, brick, granite, wrought iron and Sardinian ceramics. Located in the Gallura region, the hotel is 30 km from Olbia's airport and harbour. The village of Sant'Antonio di Gallura is a 5-minute drive away, while Arzachena is 14 km away.

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Coddu Vecchju

Coddu Vecchju - Arzachena (OT)

The Tomba di Giganti of Coddu Vecchju is located near Arzachena, not far from nuraghe Prisgiona. It is a classic example of a Tomba di Giganti with central stele, hemicircle and corridor grave. .

Nuraghe La Prisgiona

Nuraghe La Prisgiona - Arzachena (OT)

The complex nuraghe La Prisgiona (the Prison) is situated near Arzachena. The nuraghe is surrounded by a settlement and has been the object of several recent excavations. The Tomba di Giganti of Coddu Vecchju lies at the foot of the hill. ...

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Rena Maiori - Aglientu (OT)

One of the more famous beaches is that of Rena Maiori.

21.2 km

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Vignola - Aglientu (OT)

The beach of Vignola Mare.

23 km

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Cala Pischina - Aglientu (OT)

The beach of Cala Pischina.

20.2 km

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Lu Littaroni - Aglientu (OT)

The beach of Lu Littaroni.

20.6 km

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La Rena Bianca - Santa Teresa di Gallura (OT)

The beach of La Rena Bianca.

28.2 km

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Cannigione - Arzachena (OT)

The beach of Cannigione.

18.2 km

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La Punga - Arzachena (OT)

The beach of La Punga.

18.7 km

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La Conia I - Arzachena (OT)

The southern beach of La Conia.

19 km

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La Conia II - Arzachena (OT)

The northern beach of La Conia.

19.2 km

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l'Ea Bianca - Arzachena (OT)

Four beaches in a row of l'Ea Bianca.

19.4 km

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Tanca Manna - Arzachena (OT)

The beach of Tanca Manna.

19.8 km

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Isuledda II - Arzachena (OT)

The southern beach of Isuledda.

19.8 km

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Cala Ginepri - Arzachena (OT)

The beach of Cala Ginepri.

19.9 km

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Isuledda I - Arzachena (OT)

The beach of Isuledda northern side.

20 km

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Barca Bruciata - Arzachena (OT)

The beach of Barca Bruciata.

20.1 km

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