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Nuraghe Noddule

Nuraghe Noddule - Nuoro (NU)

The site of nuraghe Noddule lies to the north of Nuoro on the road to Buddusò. It consists of several archaeological structures next to the complex nuraghe like megalithic circles, a Bronze age wall and settlement, a Bronze Age large hut and a waterwell or water sanctuary..

s'Ena de Thomes

s'Ena de Thomes - Dorgali (NU)

The Tomba di Giganti (Giants Tomb) s'Ena de Thomes is a fine example of a bronze age tomb with a central placed arched slab..

Serra Orrios

Serra Orrios - Dorgali (NU)

Serra Orrios is a Bronze age settlement with a large number of huts, simple and complex, and two particular structures identified as megaron temples or temples in antis with vestibule. The site was excavated in the thirties of the previous century..

Museo Etnografico Sardo

Museo Etnografico Sardo - Nuoro (NU)

The Ethnographic museum of Sardinia in Nuoro has a fine exhibition of traditional Sardinian costumes, jewellery and typical Sardinian products ranging from knives to launeddas..

su Gologone

su Gologone - Oliena (NU)

Su Gologone is an important source where the water surfaces from under the mountain. The source is over 135 meters deep with clear water. The water reverses in the river Cedrino at a few hundred meters from the source. ...

Nuraghe Mannu

Nuraghe Mannu - Dorgali (NU)

Nuraghe Mannu is a bronze age nuraghe with a roman settlement. The Nuraghe is situated on the east coast with a wide view of the coast from Calagonone down to the beautiful beaches of Cala Luna and Cala Mariolu.

Cala Luna

Cala Luna - Dorgali (NU)

On the east coast of Sardinia, in a wild and uninhabited part of the island, you can find some of the most beautiful beaches, reachable only by foot or by boat. The most famous is Cala Luna with its white sandy beach against the background of immense natural caves and a canyon carved out by a seasonal river that finds it way to the sea..

Gola di Gorropu

Gola di Gorropu - Dorgali (NU)

The Gola di Gorropu is a deep canyon in the mountains of several kilometers. At the mouth of the canyon the steep walls tower over fourhundred meters high above. The canyon is considered to be the deepest of Europe. ...

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s'Abba Meiga - Dorgali (NU)

The beach of s'Abba Meiga.

1.6 km

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Cala Luna

Cala Luna - Dorgali (NU)

The beach of Cala Luna.

4.2 km

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Osalla - Dorgali (NU)

The beach of Osalla at Dorgali.

9.1 km

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Cala Fuile 'e Mare - Orosei (NU)

The beach of Cala Fuile 'e Mare.

21.7 km

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Cala Ginepro - Orosei (NU)

The beach of Cala Ginepro.

24.6 km

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Mandra e Pische - Siniscola (NU)

The beach of Mandra e Pische.

30 km

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Ziu Martine - Dorgali (NU)

The beach of Ziu Martine.

0.8 km

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Cala Fuili

Cala Fuili - Dorgali (NU)

The beach of Cala Fuili, the last beach reachable by car..

1 km

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sos Dorroles - Dorgali (NU)

The beach of sos Dorroles.

1.9 km

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Palmasera - Dorgali (NU)

The beach of Palmasera at Calagonone.

2.1 km

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Calagonone II

Calagonone II - Dorgali (NU)

The second beach of Calagonone.

2.6 km

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Caletta di Ziu Santoru - Dorgali (NU)

The small beach of Caletta di Ziu Santoru.

2.8 km

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Calagonone - Dorgali (NU)

The central beach at Calagonone.

2.9 km

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Caletta di Oddoana - Dorgali (NU)

The small beach of Caletta Oddoana.

3.1 km

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Cartoe - Dorgali (NU)

The beach of Cartoe.

8.4 km

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