Sardinia service information

Sardinia service information

Hotel Corallo

Corallo **


Posada (NU)

Set just 800 metres from San Giovanni beach, this friendly, family-run hotel welcomes you with a personalised service. Rooms are air conditioned and offer Wi-Fi at an extra cost. Hotel Corallo is surrounded by large gardens. With only 10 rooms, it has an intimate and tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy traditional, Sardinian cuisine in the restaurant, which opens out onto the shaded terrace.

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Places to Visit

What to see

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Cala Fuile 'e Mare - Orosei (NU)

The beach of Cala Fuile 'e Mare.

22.6 km

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San Giovanni di Posada - Posada (NU)

The beach of San Giovanni di Posada.

1.1 km

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su Tiriarzu - Posada (NU)

The beach of su Tiriarzu.

1.4 km

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San Giovanni di Posada II - Posada (NU)

The small beach of San Giovanni di Posada.

1.5 km

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sos Iscarios - Posada (NU)

The beach sos Iscarios.

2.7 km

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La Caletta - Siniscola (NU)

The beach of La Caletta.

2.9 km

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Orvile - Posada (NU)

The beach of Orvile.

3.4 km

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Santa Lucia - Siniscola (NU)

The beach of Santa Lucia.

4.8 km

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Matta 'e Peru - Budoni (OT)

The beach of Matta 'e Peru.

5.1 km

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Punta la Batteria - Budoni (OT)

The beach of Punta la Batteria.

6.3 km

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I Confetti - Siniscola (NU)

The beach dei Confetti.

6.5 km

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Portu Ainu - Budoni (OT)

The beach of Portu Ainu.

6.7 km

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Sant'Anna II - Budoni (OT)

The second beach of Sant'Anna.

8.2 km

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Sant'Anna - Budoni (OT)

The beach of Sant'Anna.

8.3 km

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s'Ena sa Chitta - Siniscola (NU)

The beach of s'Ena sa Chitta.

9.1 km

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