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Nuraghe Aiga

Nuraghe Aiga - Abbasanta (OR)

Nuraghe Aiga is a complex nuraghe with bastions and three or four additional towers. The nuraghe can be accessed through a doorway on the second floor as the first floor is still completely interred. The main chamber on the first floor has three niches. ...

Nuraghe Losa

Nuraghe Losa - Abbasanta (OR)

Nuraghe Losa is an impressive complex nuraghe on the highland plateau of Abbasanta. The structure consists of a central tower and bastions with three additional towers forming a rounded triangle. The nuraghe is situated in a strategic position along the ancient road from the Bay of Oristano to the highlands behind Macomer. ...

Nuraghe Lugherras

Nuraghe Lugherras - Paulilatino (OR)

The complex nuraghe Lugherras is located in the countryside near Paulilatino. It was one of the nuraghi transformed in a sanctuary for Kore and Demeter. Excavations have been performed in 2006 and 2007..


Cornus - Santa Caterina di Pittinuri (OR)

Cornus is the site of a punic-roman town founded in the sixth century BC and that was inhabited until the Middle Ages. Near the town an early christian church was built, called the Columbaris. Of this early christian church remains have been excavated and are visitable as an archaeological site. ...

Santa Cristina

Santa Cristina - Paulilatino (OR)

Near Paulilatino along the ss131 lies the archaeological site of Santa Cristina. The site consists of a nuragic sanctuary near a christian church dedicated to Santa Cristina and a nuraghe with settlement. Central to the nuragic sanctuary is the waterwell with a staircase that has been built with smooth walls and mathematical precision unseen elsewhere. ...

Nuraghe Cobulas

Nuraghe Cobulas - Milis (OR)

Nuraghe Cobulas is a complex nuraghe with a central main tower and secondary tower separated by a courtyard, around it bastions with five towers. Next to the nuraghe lies the archaeological area of an early medieval settlement, subject to excavations in 2014,2015 and 2016 under the guidance of the archaeologist Maisola. .

Nuraghe s'Uraki

Nuraghe s'Uraki - San Vero Milis (OR)

Nuraghe s'Uraki (or s'Urachi) is a complex nuraghe near San Vero Milis. Archaeological excavations have revealed important finds that established connections with the eastern Mediterranean and with nearby Tharros. Recent excavations have been done by the archaeologists Alfonso Tiglitz and Peter van Dommelen..

Nuraghe Santa Barbara

Nuraghe Santa Barbara - Villanova Truschedu (OR)

Nuraghe Santa Barbara is a complex nuraghe with a main tower, a secondary tower and a courtyard inbetween. Around the nuraghe the remains of a settlement can be seen. The nuraghe is situated in the valley of the Tirso near Villanova Truschedu..

Forum Traiani

Forum Traiani - Fordongianus (OR)

The archaeological site of Forum Traiani at Fordongianus is situated on the border of the river Tirso. Here a warm water source springs from the volcanic rock and this has been used by the romans to build their baths. Originally the name of the town was Acquae Hypsitanae until under emperor Trajan it was promoted to Forum. ...

Museo Arch. Giovanni Marongiu

Museo Arch. Giovanni Marongiu - Cabras (OR)

The archaeological museum of Cabras is named after Giovanni Marongiu. In the museum are on display the archaeologcal finds of Cuccuru Is Arrius, a prehistorical settlement, of Tharros, the phoenician-punic and roman town, and of the shipwreck found near the island of Mal di Ventre. Recently the museum has become the home of some of the giant statues of Mont'e Prama, with the most recent statues found during the excavations in 2015 on the site..

The Corsa degli Scalzi

The Corsa degli Scalzi - Cabras (OR)

The Corsa degli Scalzi is an event held on the first Saturday and Sunday of september. The statue of San Salvatore is carried first from Cabras to San Salvatore and the next day back again, accompanied by hundreds of men in white cloths and barefooted. They run all the way carrying the statue and banner exchanging along the road the bearers of the heavy load..

San Salvatore

San Salvatore - Cabras (OR)

San Salvatore is a small hamlet around a church. Each year around august an event takes place where the statue of the saint is brought from San Salvatore to Cabras, the Corsa degli Scalzi. The small church itself is built on top of a prehistoric underground sanctuary, a hypogeum. ...

Marina di Torre Grande

Marina di Torre Grande - Oristano (OR)

Marina di Torre Grande is the lido of Oristano, named after the great Spanish tower that guarded the coast. There is a beach of fine sand and a boulevard with bars and restaurants. Nearby is the marina, the touristic port..

The Sartiglia of Oristano

The Sartiglia of Oristano - Oristano (OR)

Every year during the carnival week the event of the Sartiglia is organised at Oristano. This traditional event, that according to history had been organised since 1547-48 in this town, is one of the highlights of carnival in Sardinia..

Antiquarium Arborense

Antiquarium Arborense - Oristano (OR)

The Antiquarium Arborense is the archaeological and historical museum of Oristano. The museum is housed in the Palazzo Parpaglia in the hart of the town. The collection, obtained in the thirties of the previous century from private collections, contains archaeological finds from Tharros and other sites in the province of Oristano, and paintings from the sixteenth and seventeenth century..


Oristano - Oristano (OR)

Oristano is the capital of the province of Oristano since 1974. In medieval times it played an important role in the history of the Judicates as the capital of the Judicate of Arborea. It has a picturesque historical center and during Carnival the characteristic event called the Sartiglia takes place in the streets of the town..

San Giovanni di Sinis

San Giovanni di Sinis - Cabras (OR)

San Giovanni di Sinis used to be a fishermens village near the archaeological site of Tharros and the Cape of San Marco. Nowadays it has become a seaside village with bars and restaurants and with a visitors centre of the Area Marina Protetta Penisola del Sinis Isola Mal di Ventre. Of particular interest is the sixth century church built in sandstone and the punic necropolis in the midst of the new houses on the coast. ...

Santa Giusta

Santa Giusta - Santa Giusta (OR)

Santa Giusta is a fisherman's village on the shore of the lagoon. In the Bronze Age there was a nuraghe of which the remains have been found under the church of Santa Giusta. In punic-roman times it was an important town called Othoca, testified by important archaeological finds. ...


Tharros - Cabras (OR)

Tharros is the site of a punic-roman town founded in the eighth century BC by the Phoenicians near a Bronze Age settlement and nuraghe. The remains of the town are situated on a peninsula on the north side of the Bay of Oristano. The remains of the town include foundations of temples, roman baths, a roman Castellum Acquae, a phoenician-punic tophet and a artisan quarter. ...

Regatta of Is Fassois

Regatta of Is Fassois - Santa Giusta (OR)

The regatta of Is Fassois is held with traditional boats made of reed used for centuries in the marshes and lagoons of Santa Giusta. The regatta is held once a year in the summer months.

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sa Marinedda - Tresnuraghes (OR)

The beach of sa Marinedda.

23 km

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Marina di Putzu Idu - San Vero Milis (OR)

The beach of Putzu Idu.

3.3 km

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s'Arena Scoada - San Vero Milis (OR)

The beach of s'Arena Scoada.

2.7 km

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sa Mesa Longa

sa Mesa Longa - San Vero Milis (OR)

The beach of sa Mesa Longa, the picture was taken in june 2010 on a windy day..

4.7 km

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is Arenas - Narbolia (OR)

The beach of Is Arenas, a very long beach with woods of pinetrees.

5.6 km

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Torregrande - Oristano (OR)

The beach of Torregrande.

14.4 km

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San Giovanni di Sinis

San Giovanni di Sinis - Cabras (OR)

The white beach of San Giovanni di Sinis. Also suitable for windsurfing and kitesurfing. There is a large parkingplace, bars, restaurants and the info center of the Area Marina del Sinis.

16.4 km

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Albatros - Tresnuraghes (OR)

The beach of Porto Alabe, called Albatros.

25.4 km

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sa Rocca Tunda - San Vero Milis (OR)

The beach of sa Rocca Tunda.

2.9 km

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sa Marigosa - San Vero Milis (OR)

The beach of sa Marigosa.

3.6 km

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Mandriola - San Vero Milis (OR)

The beach of Mandriola.

4.6 km

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su Pallosu - San Vero Milis (OR)

The beach of su Pallosu also famous for the colony of cats that live near the beach.

4.7 km

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Porto Suedda - Cabras (OR)

The beach of Porto Suedda.

7 km

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Mari Ermi - Cabras (OR)

The beach of Mari Ermi.

7.4 km

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Torre del Pozzo I

Torre del Pozzo I - Cuglieri (OR)

The beach of Torre del Pozzo, south of the tower the beach stretches along the coast down to is Arenas..

7.5 km

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