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Castle of Sanluri

Castle of Sanluri

Sanluri (VS)

The castle of Sanluri was built around 1355 on the strategic site of Sanluri between the Giudicati of Arborea and Cagliari. After the battle of Sanluri the castle became the residence of important families, the last one that of the general Nino Villa Santa. After his death his children transformed the castle into a local museum. Next to the original living quarters there is a room dedicated to the first World War and a room dedicated to the collection of wax models. It is not allowed to take photographs in the interior rooms of the museum.

Address: via Generale Villa Santa 1, Sanluri

Tel: 070 9307105

Opening times: 10.00 - 13.00 and 16.00- 19.30

Prices: 6.00 Euro (reduced Euro 3,50 for groups and over 65)

Website: Castello di Sanluri

The information has been updated for 2019 but prices and opening hours may vary.

Last updated 05/08/2019

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