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Nuraghe Arrubiu

Nuraghe Arrubiu

Orroli (CA)

Nuraghe Arrubiu is one of the most extended complex nuraghi of Sardinia. Around the central tower bastions with five additional towers are built enclosing the central courtyard. Around that another wall with seven towers encloses three more courtyards. Outside the walls the remains of a settlement can be seen. The complex nuraghe is built in basalt and covered in lichen that in the summer gives the nuraghe an orange-red glow, hence the name Arrubiu that signifies red.

Address: Loc. Nuraghe Arrubiu, Orroli

Tel: +39 0782 847269

Opening hours: 09:30 - sundown

Prices: Euro 4,00 (reduced Euro 2,00)

Website: Nuraghe Arrubiu

The information has been updated for 2018 but prices and opening hours may vary.

Last updated 28/03/2018

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