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Santa Vittoria di Serri

Santa Vittoria di Serri

Serri (CA)

The site of Santa Vittoria di Serri lies on the edge of one of the highland plateaus, called giara. It is a rich archaeological site with many remains of huts, a sanctuary with a waterwell and a large structure where religious festivities were held. In written sources it is mentioned that the romans surprised the Sards during the festivities and killed many of them burning down their sanctuary. On the edge of the plateau stands the small church of Santa Vittoria.


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Address: Località Santa Vittoria, Serri

Tel.: 3460669068 - 3488893945

Opening hours: Open from 09:00 until sundown

Prices: Euro 5,00 ; Euro 4,00 (groups); Euro 3,00 (reduced)

Website: Santa Vittoria di Serri

Guided tours possible

The information has been updated for 2019 but prices and opening hours may vary.

Last updated 05/06/2020

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