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Santa Cristina

Santa Cristina

Paulilatino (OR)

Near Paulilatino along the ss131 lies the archaeological site of Santa Cristina. The site consists of a nuragic sanctuary near a christian church dedicated to Santa Cristina and a nuraghe with settlement. Central to the nuragic sanctuary is the waterwell with a staircase that has been built with smooth walls and mathematical precision unseen elsewhere. The continuity of the sacred character of the place is clear from the presence of the small church and houses, only in use a few days during religious festivities. Nearby there are the remains of the nuragic settlement with a nuraghe and several huts built by shepherds in more recent times.

Address: exit of the SS131 near Paulilatino

Tel: 0785 55438/686/623.

Website: Pozzo Santa Cristina Paulilatino

Opening times: 8:30 until sundown.

Prices: Euro 5,00 , Euro 3,50 (reduced for groups), Euro 2,50 (6-13 years) including free entrance to the museum at Paulilatino.

The information has been updated for 2019 but prices and opening hours may vary.

Last updated 25/03/2018

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