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San Salvatore

San Salvatore

Cabras (OR)

San Salvatore is a small hamlet around a church. Each year around august an event takes place where the statue of the saint is brought from San Salvatore to Cabras, the Corsa degli Scalzi. The small church itself is built on top of a prehistoric underground sanctuary, a hypogeum. The sanctuary can be visited and on the walls there are several drawings and paintings left behind in the course of the centuries. Next to the village are the remains of roman baths called Domu 'e Cubas

Address: San Salvatore

Openingtimes: The church can be visited, however opening hours are dependant on the presence of volunteers and may vary.

Price: Free entrance, your voluntary contribution or donation can be done to the church

Out of respect for the religious nature of the site please wear appropriate dress.

Last updated 28/06/2016

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