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Bibliography: On Colonial Grounds

Dommelen, P. van - On Colonial Grounds
Dommelen, P. van: On Colonial Grounds

On Colonial Grounds

Dommelen, P. van

The complete title reads: On Colonial Grounds, A comparative study of colonialism and rural settlement in first millenium BC west central Sardinia. Based on the Riu Mannu survey carried out in west central Sardinia since 1992 and much of the literature published on the wider region of west Sardinië, including previous surveys and excavations, in this book Peter van Dommelen examines the archaeological and historical record of the three phases of colonialism; the phoenician presence, the punic domination and the roman occupation. The results of the study show the relationships between indigenous elements originating from the previous nuragic bronze and iron age, and the newcomers that settled on the coasts, in the phoenician-punic towns and in the rural environment of Terralba and the Marmilla. What emerges are the nuances of and the refined insight in the colonial situation of Sardinia which makes this study a most valuable contribution to Sardinian (pre-)history, one that should be read by all students of the archaeology of the island.

Leiden university , Leiden 1998
ISBN: 90-76368-02-3

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