Bibliography: La CiviltÓ Nuragica Bibliography and Literature: La CiviltÓ Nuragica

Bibliography: La CiviltÓ Nuragica

Lilliu, G. - La Civiltà Nuragica
Lilliu, G.: La Civiltà Nuragica

La Civiltà Nuragica

Lilliu, G.

Lilliu was one of the most important archeologists of the Sardinian prehistory. In this book he describes the art and culture of the people that lived in and near the Nuraghi, he describes the architecture of the nuraghi, the water sanctuaries, the small bronze statues and many other artifacts that showed the intense contacts with the rest of the western and eastern Mediterranean Sea. This book contains many illustrative photographs.

Carlo Delfino editore , Sassari 1982
ISBN: 8871381327

Manca, G. - Il nuraghe Losa e la civiltà nuragica
Manca, G.: Il nuraghe Losa e la civiltà nuragica

Il nuraghe Losa e la civiltà nuragica

Manca, G.

A refreshing view of nuragic civilisation and the history of the Nuraghe Losa and itÔÇśs excavation. In stead of letting the nuragic continue beyond the Punic times Manca prefers to let the Nuragic end with the coming of the sea peoples, specifically the Phoenicians, to Sardinia.

Iskra, Ghilarza (OR) 2004
ISBN: 8890136723

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