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Bibliography: Manunza

Manunza, M.R. - Dorgali monumenti antichi
Manunza, M.R.: Dorgali monumenti antichi

Dorgali monumenti antichi

Manunza, M.R.

An overview of ancient monuments and archaeological sites of prehistoric times around Dorgali with descriptions of the sites and finds.

Editrice s'Alvure , Oristano 1995

Manunza, M.R. - Indagini archeologiche a Sinnai
Manunza, M.R.: Indagini archeologiche a Sinnai

Indagini archeologiche a Sinnai

Manunza, M.R.

Based on archaeological research between 1994 and 2006 in this book the archaeological remains in the territory of Sinnai are described and explained. It contains a full list and many pictures of prehistoric sites.

Nuove Grafiche Puddu , Ortacesus 2006
ISBN: 9788889061312

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