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Bibliography: Roman period

Acquaro, E. & Finzi, C. - Tharros
Acquaro, E. & Finzi, C.: Tharros


Acquaro, E. & Finzi, C.

This booklet describes the site of Tharros and the small church of San Giovanni, it‘s history and the archeological research. It is one of the series : Sardegna Archeologica, Guide e Itinerari

Carlo Delfino editore , Sassari 1986
ISBN: 8871380533

Mastino, A. - Storia della Sardegna Antica
Mastino, A.: Storia della Sardegna Antica

Storia della Sardegna Antica

Mastino, A.

History of roman Sardinia, the provincia Sardinia and the archaeological remains of roman places, bridges, roads, baths. It comprises historical events as well as a reconstruction of Sardinian culture during roman times, retracing the peoples and the cities, the roman roads and their function, religion and the cities and colonies.

Il Maestrale , Sassari 2005
ISBN: 8886109989

Ruggeri, P. - Africa ipsa parens illa Sardiniae
Ruggeri, P.: Africa ipsa parens illa Sardiniae

Africa ipsa parens illa Sardiniae

Ruggeri, P.

The book contains nine articles on Roman Africa and Sardinia. Especially the article on ancient wine in Sardinia is interesting, but also the story on Titus Manlius Torquatus, the opponent of Hampsicora in the Bellum Sardum. The rest of the book contains introductions to the re-edition of the 19th century periodicals issued by Giovanni Spano.

Edizioni Edes, Sassari 1999

Tronchetti, C. - Nora
Tronchetti, C.: Nora


Tronchetti, C.

Description of the site of Nora by Carlo Tronchetti. This book is also available in English and German.

Carlo Delfino editore , Sassari 1986
ISBN: 8871381076

Zucca, R. - Fordongianus
Zucca, R.: Fordongianus


Zucca, R.

The roman baths of Fordongianus (Forum Traianus) on the banks of the river Tirso. In roman times it was an important strategic stronghold for the romans to control inland Sardinia.

Carlo Delfino Editore , Sassari 1986
ISBN: 8871381084

Zucca, R. - Il tempio di Antas
Zucca, R.: Il tempio di Antas

Il tempio di Antas

Zucca, R.

On the temple of Antas, the punic-roman temple dedicated to the god of the Sards, Sid and Sardus Pater.

Carlo Delfino Editore , Sassari 1989
ISBN: 8871381815

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