Dedicated to the Sardinians

30/12/2013 20:52:37

Dedicated to the Sardinians

It's again the end of the year and, yes, it is a commonplace to look back and make up the balance. I was just looking at the statistics of my website and remembered when I started out to work on this very long term project that has eaten up large part of my free time these past years. It was 2001 and internet was still young, Google was a newby, at least for me (the company was founded in 1998 and I recall my colleagues at the IBM helpdesk mentioning it as the best search engine). To create my web site I had to learn HTML, stylesheets and javascript. It started out as a simple personal web site with little pictures.

Since then a lot has happened. Internet is now worldwide accessed by billions of people, digital photography and social media have taken over. In the mean time I have transformed my website with new technologies, learning to use php programming language, mysql database and by hosting my website professionally under the name of Not only did I follow courses of archaeology at the university and bought and read hundreds of books to deepen my knowledge, but also started following writing courses with famous Dutch writers to improve my content. I bought digital camera's, newer and faster computers, a smartphone. This all payed off when visitors started to find my website and the hits increased. Since a year I am further improving by updating my website to HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, following the latest trends in the world of mobile, engaging at the same time heavily through Facebook and Twitter to share all about archaeology and Sardinia to my followers.

A classic success story you might define it. But I found out also another important point of the internet and websites. Success is not primarily based on the fact that people can find your website because you have great content, but they must be searching for it, and Sardinia is not what the majority of the people is searching for unless some catastrophe happens or some world famous movie star is shopping in Porto Rotondo (not to speak of some world famous politician that has a villa on the shore). Sardinia is mostly known and searched for by Italians, with the word Sardegna. That much Google could teach me with their statistics on search words.

So in the end I should be happy with what I can attract in visitors from around the world, and this year has not been a bad year with almost 60.000 visitors (give and take the odd search engine like Google and MSN) and that for a website that worldwide may not count itself even among the top eight million websites (Alexa rating). I admit I would welcome growing numbers of visitors, it would be flattering for myself (pay back my investment) but more important it would be good for Sardinia and the Sardinians as they gain the most when tourists come to appreciate what they have to offer.

Happy New Year!

Dedicated to the Sardinians

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