Archaeological excavations on Sardinia

21/07/2014 17:34:21

Archaeological excavations on Sardinia

Like every year in the summer months there are several archaeological excavations under way on Sardinia. Students and volunteers participate under the guidance of Italian and international archaeologists. More than ever social media are used to inform the public of the progress, mostly Facebook. Recently two important exhibitions have been opened to the public showing the giant statues of Mont'e Prama which has drawn the attention of the public to some of the excavations where interesting developments are expected this year.

Just like last year excavations are in progress around nuraghe s'Uraki. Again the main theme is the reuse of the nuraghe and it's immediate vicinity in the punic and roman period. A lot of punic pottery has been unearthed and the foundations of one of the secondary towers has been uncovered. Excavations are performed among others under the guidance of Peter van Dommelen of the Brown University, the Joukowsky Institute.

Another excavation is under way on the peninsula of Sinis where in 1974 the giant statues of Mont'e Prama were found together with a number of graves. It seems another torso of a giant statue has been found and a lot of fragments of statues and model nuraghi.

Another excavation is under way in the archaeological site of Nora lead by the University of Cagliari for the second consecutive year. Visitors are allowed to visit the excavation to see it's progress.

Near the medieval church of Nostra Signora di Mesumundu at Siligo excavations are taking place under the guidance of prof. Marco Milanese, expert in medieval archaeology. The church was founded in a former roman bathhouse of a villa and around it there are remains of the imperial roman and early-medieval period. Upfront a research has been done with georadar to identify hidden structures to guide the excavations.

Near the town of Milis a group of volunteers is working hard to free nuraghe Cobulas to prepare the ground for further excavations. The nuraghe was quite hidden under the dense macchia mediterranea. Around the nuraghe traces of settlement have been found during prior excavations that could be dated back to roman times. Before clearing this nuraghe another nuraghe was cleared as well, Maso Maiore of Seneghe, which is now ready to receive the public.

For anybody interested in archaeology these excavations are an opportunity to see monuments like the church in Siligo, or nuraghe s'Uraki, or sites like Nora, in another light.


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Archaeological excavations on Sardinia

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