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Hotel Costa dei Fiori

Costa dei Fiori ****
Costa dei Fiori

Costa dei Fiori

Santa Margherita di Pula (CA)

Located directly on the shores of S. Margherita di Pula, Hotel Costa dei Fiori is an elegant and refined structure overlooking the Mediterranean. Only 40 km from Cagliari Airport, the hotel is near the sites of Nora, Chia and Barumini

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Necropolis of Montessu

Necropolis of Montessu - Villaperuccio (CI)

The necropolis of Montessu lies on a hill north of Villaperuccio. The tombs are of the type Domus de Janas, prehistoric chambers cut in the rock. All main types of grave chambers can be found there, in use since 3000 BC up to the bronze age, which makes this necropolis unique in its kind. ...

Caves of Is Zuddas

Caves of Is Zuddas - Santadi (CI)

The caves of Is Zuddas near Santadi are naturally formed and of the solutional type. The first 500 metres can be visited, with three large halls and many spectacular formations of stalactites and stalagmites..

Museo Arch Giovanni Patroni

Museo Arch Giovanni Patroni - Pula (CA)

The archaeological museum of Pula, named after the archaeologist Giovanni Patroni, is situated in the town centre and has a collection of artefacts from the archaeological site of Nora..


Nora - Pula (CA)

Nora is the site of a punic-roman town, situated on a peninsula in the south of Sardinia, near Pula. Interesting are the many mosaic floors of the roman period and the small theatre. There are also remains of immens roman baths, a number of tempels and the typical north-african style quarters of the town. ...

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Porto d'Agamu - Pula (CA)

The beach of Porto d'Agamu.

1 km

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Cala Marina - Pula (CA)

The beach of Cala Marina.

1.5 km

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Nora - Pula (CA)

The beach of Nora.

2.4 km

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Cala d'Ostia - Pula (CA)

The beach of Cala d'Ostia.

2.6 km

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Cala d'Ostia II - Pula (CA)

The second beach of Cala d'Ostia.

3.1 km

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su Guventeddu - Pula (CA)

The beach of su Guventeddu.

3.1 km

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Cala d'Ostia III - Pula (CA)

The third beach of Cala d'Ostia.

3.3 km

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Santa Vittoria - Pula (CA)

The beach of Santa Vittoria.

3.7 km

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su Stangioni Foxi Lino - Pula (CA)

The beach of su Stangioni Foxi Lino.

4.1 km

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su Stangioni Foxi Niedda - Pula (CA)

The beach of su Stangioni Foxi Niedda.

4.6 km

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is Morus - Pula (CA)

The beach of is Morus.

5.4 km

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su Stangioni Perd'e Sali - Pula (CA)

The beach of Stangioni Perd'e Sali.

5.4 km

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Portu Colombu - Sarroch (CA)

The beach of Portu Colombu.

6.2 km

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Forte Village - Pula (CA)

The beach of Forte Village.

6.7 km

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Perd'e Sali - Sarroch (CA)

The beach of Perd'e Sali.

7 km

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