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Articles on Sardinia and archaeology

Bibliography on the map of Nuraghi

Bibliography on the map of Nuraghi

Bibliography on the map of Nuraghi

The literature on the map of Nuraghi is updated up to the month of march 2017. The last additions concern the articles of Canu-Farina on Nurallao and Salis on Seui. On the next page you will a short discussion on some of the literature regarding the map of Nuraghi.Bibliographical referencesNuraghe Cuccurada (Mogoro)This list contains all the bibliographical references used for the list of Nuraghi and the map of Nuraghi. ...

25/03/2017 17:29:49

Picture gallery Nuraghe Su Mulinu

Nuraghe Su Mulinu is a complex nuraghe built around an initial protonuraghe situated in a fertile countryside. Central to the nuraghe is the main ellips shaped chamber with a model nuraghe as altar. Around this protonuraghe the additional structures with courtyard, classic nuraghe towers and bastions have been developed. In the punic-roman periode the nuraghe was transformed in sanctuary.

A view of the nuraghe of the north east side.
A view of the tower with the loopholes and next to it another tower of the nuraghe.
The tower with the loopholes and the entrance to one of the adiacent chambers.
11/02/2017 08:41:02

Description of Serra Orrios

Serra Orrios is a Bronze age settlement with a large number of huts, simple and complex, and two particular structures identified as megaron temples or temples in antis with vestibule. The site was excavated in the thirties of the previous century.

Serra Orrios

Serra Orrios

In the thirties of the previous century, northwest of Dorgali not far from the river Cedrino, the remains of a prehistoric settlement were found, Serra Orrios. The archaeologist Doro Levi started excavating the area and discovered that it concerned a Bronze age settlement with more than 100 huts. Unfortunately not much has been published of the three excavations undertaken by Doro Levi who was discharged from his position under the anti-jewish laws just before the Second World War. ...

01/11/2016 07:23:13

Camping Ortus de Mari

Recommended by the visitors of

Camping Ortus de Mari

Camping Ortus de Mari

loc. Ortus de Mari - 09010 Buggerru (CI), tel. 0781 54964 fax 0781 54964. ...

22/03/2017 11:15:54

From the blog...

A myth on Sardinia launched on the internet

A myth on Sardinia launched on the internet

It is sad to say but yet another article is travelling the internet that is damaging popular knowledge and beliefs on the prehistory of Sardinia. After the french article in Le Monde now the english article of The Guardian has been published with a doubtful content. Both articles refer to the theory of Sergio Frau that a big tsunami would have ended the Sardinian Bronze Age civilisation covering numerous bronze age towers, nuraghi, under layers of mud. ...

17/08/2015 09:19:57

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